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PJHS Recycles everything
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Thursday, November 03, 2016

We are trying to clean up our world

1. Beginning November 15 we will once again recycle plastic bags, including salt bags, from newspapers, produce bags, grocery store. Drop them by the JH anytime between 8:00 am - 3:30 pm. Last year we won 1st place in Will County. We won a bench. Thanks for doing this Mrs. Vincent!


2. Recycle cans at Belson's - When you take your aluminum to Belson Scrap Yard - you get the money we get the pounds!!! Mention that you would like pounds to go to PJHS. This program begins September 26. Students also recycle their cans at lunch and Mrs. Ahearn takes them down to Belson”s. Thanks Mrs. Ahearn for doing this. This helps support our PBIS program.

3. Boxtops for Education - Save your boxtops for education points. Students can bring them in to earn Devil Dollars. Place in a Ziploc bag. For every 25 labels students earn $5.00 Devil Dollars. 75 labels  = 15.00 Devil Dollars   We use the money we get from this for our Library.

4. Pop Tops - Save the tops of cans of pop or beverages and send in to the JH. Mrs. Ahearn saves them and does the donation for Ronald McDonald house. This is an easy way to help others. 

5. Paper – We have 2 bins behind the Junior High that we use to recycle paper. Our school gets money from the tons of paper that we recycle. Our classes all have totes that we empty almost daily from our classrooms.


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